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Construction Receivables Factoring
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A smooth, continual cash flow is imperative to the survival of your construction business. Unfortunately, your cash flow is based on how promptly your customers pay their bills. If you've got payables due next week but your receivables aren't due in for 30 days this can create a real 'cash flow' problem.

Many other types of businesses have long had the option of "factoring" their receivables and this option is now finally available to the construction industry.

How does it work?

When you "factor your receivables" we pay you up to 70% against the full value of your invoice. Once the invoice is collected, we give you the balance of the invoice funds, less a factoring fee. Funds from the invoice can be paid to you in as little as two days.

It's a tantalizing thought, being able to collect on your invoices in two days time... Imagine the strides you could make with your company if your receivables were available to you within two days after you submit your invoice(s)!

How can Marathon Financial help you?

We understand commercial construction and have financial sources that
specialize in both commercial general and sub contractors funding.

We understand your construction cash flow challenges. Without strong cash flow you may have trouble covering payroll, or not have enough cash to take materials discounts, and your larger jobs can easily use up all of your available cash.

With Marathon Financial, you finally have a choice. You can use accounts receivable factoring to get the cash you need without creating any debt. Account receivable factoring gives your construction business a powerful financial tool.

Construction Receivables Factoring can help you to have:

Top Quality Workers
With Marathon you never have to worry about losing your best workers because you can't pay them. If you're short for payroll just run one of your invoices in to Marathon and get cash for payroll in two days time!

More profit on each job
Suppliers prize customers that pay their bills on time. Often times your supplier will even give you a better discount on your purchases when you're a good payer. Lower material prices equals higher profits.

Grow Your Business
With top quality workers on the job and suppliers at your beck and call, you'll become #1 in your field. With the reputation of being #1 comes more work! But you're okay because you have a steady cash flow, top quality workers and great discounts from your suppliers.

Afford the best tools for the job
Next time that tool you need goes on sale, YOU can BUY it! Sell an invoice to Marathon and you can pay for the tool in CASH!

Get a good night's sleep!
There's good things and there's bad things about being in business for yourself. By far one of the worst things is the sudden insomnia that can develop when your cash flow is limited or uneven. Knowing that you can collect on your receivables (within two days of invoicing if need be) can really help you to relax and focus on your business.

The program is very simple and easy to use.
First we ask you to fill out an application which we will review, and respond to, within one to two working days from the time we receive it. Once accepted, we will ask you to sign a Master Purchasing and Security Agreement.

Next, just submit an invoice you'd like to sell us, with proper documentation, and we will purchase your invoice. Marathon Financial then will send a cash advance of up to 70% of the value of the invoice. A check is generally sent to you via Federal Express or wire transfer (Within 24-48 hours).

Upon collection from your customer when the invoice is due, Marathon Financial retains the amount originally advanced plus a nominal fee, and returns the balance to you.

There are no minimum "quotas" to fill
You don't have to factor all of your invoices, you can pick and choose and do it as often or as seldom as you wish. Some subcontractors do it on a weekly basis, some on a monthly basis and others only occasionally.

You don't have to commit to any type of schedule, there are no minimum requirements to fill and you are the one to decide when and how often you "sell" your invoices.

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